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What is Gender Denim?

It represents a combination of the best of Italian traditions of production, a flawless interior cut and stylish design solutions.

Gender Denim

It is an international brand; premium class women's jeans making up the bulk of its collections. Experts from different countries around the world are involved in their creation. While production is placed in the good hands of leading Italian professionals, the creative team headed by a Russian designer is made up of specialists working both in Europe and in Russia.

Gender Denim collections

are available in limited editions as the company follows the principle of sustainable consumption. Top-notch European machinery is used for production which meets all principles of social and environmental responsibility.

The quality of products

undergoes strict control. All products are either exclusively made of pure cotton only or with a minimum of elastane added. All products are certified and EAC-marked.

Gender Denim. Come as you are

The DNA collection —

include jeans that will perfectly fit your own unique style so that you can create an image for yourself to fit any situation.

We make it a point to cherry-pick textures and shades to ensure a match with any clothing. As we develop the patterns, the unique features of the fabric are taken into account so that a perfect fit can be ensured. We make consistent efforts to uphold the high quality of our products so that you can feel comfortable no matter the situation.

Gender Denim. The only thing that should fit