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1. Instruction manual

We recommend you read this manual to ensure long and comfortable use of our products. We are confident in the quality of our products.

Care and use instructions for products made of denim:

  • Follow the recommendations indicated on the label of the product. Use a soft cleaning agent when washing

  • Never soak jeans in water for more than 2 hours.

  • Keep the jeans from remaining in a wet state for a long time.

  • The jeans may be washed only in water at a temperature of 40 °C max.

  • Try to avoid squeezing your jeans and let them dry up on their own instead. You must be delicate in drying your jeans

  • You do not need to wash your jeans after you have worn them for the first time.

  • Do not use an ordinary washing powder as it may contain bleaching agents. It takes a special detergent to wash colored articles of clothing.

  • It is advisable that demin clothes be washed by hand. However, you can use the washing machine to wash them that but make sure that the speed of rotation does not exceed 800. Before washing, turn your jeans inside out, pull up the zipper and button them up.

  • Do not worry if the water turns blue as the jeans are being washed. This is to be expected.

  • Your jeans must be in a horizontal position as they dry up for them to remain in impeccable shape.

  • Keep your jeans in a dry and dark place, folded with the zipper inside the folded space.

  • You may keep your jeans on hangers but avoid using clamps as they may damage the fabric.

  • Denim clothing should not be over-dried, nor should it be put on until it has completely dried up as this can result in deformities.

  • You should iron your jeans from the inner side with the iron in steam mode.

  • Keep your jeans away from sunlight, especially jeans made of light denim, when you are not wearing them.

  • Your should pick your jeans to fit your size and to match your anatomic features for that pair of jeans to last longer.