Environmental and Social Responsibility


Our goal is to produce environmentally friendly products

Gender Denim takes a responsible approach to make sure that natural resources are put to rational use. Our collections are limited as our company advocates conscious consumption and looks down on overproduction. Our company works only with those factories which have implemented technologies to meet the principles of social and environmental responsibility.

We believe that customers seeking sustainable consumption who care about the environmental impact of a particular commodity can make a difference.

Reduced use of water

Any pair of jeans consumes around 3,500 liters* of water between the moment it goes into production and the last washing while “vintage” jeans require even more water consumption.

Staged-washing techniques are applied in the production of Gender Denim jeans which also include water purification. This way, used water is purified for subsequent use in production. Used water goes through filter membranes which filter out substances harmful to the environment. With these techniques in place, the amount of water used in production is reduced several-fold.

Cutting-edge manufacturing technologies

Our factories in Italy which produce Gender Denim jeans rely on advanced manufacturing technologies only. For instance, the process of bleaching jeans which has always required the use of chemicals has been superseded by way more advanced techniques coupled with fabric ozone treatment. This approach is much more environmentally friendly reducing the amount of water used by 50 - 60 %. To achieve that, ozone is fed into the drum of the machine where it oxidizes the cotton removing excessive whiteness from the inside of the jeans while giving the fabric a subtle yellowish shade much like that of real vintage trousers.

ECOlogical denim

Our products are either exclusively sown from pure cotton or with a minimum of elastane added. This means that not only are they made to serve for years without losing in quality, but also they will not do any harm to nature when recycled.

Everyone can make their own contribution

The technologies described above are finding widespread implementation among manufacturers all over the world. When buying medium-priced or expensive pairs of jeans it is almost a sure bet that you are buying a product made from a mixture of organic and recycled cotton washed with ozone and painted by environmentally friendly techniques.

This in turn helps save millions of liters of water while also eliminating the need to use hundreds of thousands of tons of chemicals, reducing energy consumption and protecting the health of workers.

The Gender Denim team will keep exploring all the new initiatives in this area in their striving to minimize environmental damage.

*According to The Blueprint