1. How to place an order?

Find an item that will pique your interest — you can use Search or Catalog for this.

Please note: shipping costs are not included in product prices.

To add an item to the cart, go to its page and click on the “Add to cart” button.

To place an order, go to the Cart and fill in all fields in the “Process order” form.

Double-check the data which you have entered and click on the “Ship order” button.

2. How to choose the right size?

Open the “Size Guide” to know your size — you will find it on the product page. A table will pop up showing sizes set against body parameters.

We suggest that you measure all the parameters shown in the table to determine the size that fits you. To that end, you can use your current jeans that fit your size the best. When taking measurements, put the measuring tape on your jeans as demonstrated in the schematic illustration. If you seem to be in between two sizes, choose the larger one.

It must be noted that the size standards may vary depending on the cut and fabric used. We recommend that you determine the size separately for each product by following the recommendations given.

3. What is the minimum order in your store?

The minimum order starts with a single article in our online store. The website specifies retail prices.

4. What are your guarantees?

The warranty period of 3 months commences once consumers have received their ordered goods. If defects are found in the product that you ordered within this period of time, we will assume responsibility for that.

You will find detailed instructions for use on the Terms of Service page, which will help keep our products pristine for a long time.

Proper use of our products is a vital condition. A product damaged through the fault of its buyer results in a voided warranty.

5. What is the time and cost of delivery?

The delivery time and cost depend on your location and the shipping method that you sel ect.

However, we can tell you the approximate delivery time based on previous orders. You can always obtain more accurate information fr om the shipping company. You can also learn more about the delivery time when placing your order.

ATTENTION! We ship goods out strictly according to the information which you provide. We waive responsibility for incorrect information provided and for costs associated with changes in personal data.

6. How do I pay for my order?

You can pay for your goods by credit card upon order or upon receipt, as well as in cash upon receipt. Select a payment method which suits you the best in the appropriate field when placing the order. The payment must be lump-sum and amount to 100% of the cost of the goods ordered.

7. How long does it take to prepare my order for shipping?

We will put together your parcel within 1-3 business days of order placement.

We do our best to avoid delays. Still, should unforeseen circumstances arise preventing us from shipping out your order on time, we will contact you to resolve the problem.

8. Can real products be different from those showcased on the website?

Keep in mind that our products are taken photos of in settings with special lighting. As monitors have different tones, one and the same color may be displayed differently. Please note: Our jeans are made by hand at the factory conveyor-belt-style which means that pairs of jeans of the same model line may slightly differ from each other in shade or print.

9. What is your return and exchange policy?

You may return your goods. We will bear the costs of shipping in the cases listed below:

  • You received a model of jeans different from the one which you ordered.

  • The goods you received have a manufacture defect such as poor color uniformity, ruptures at the seams and ripped fabric, altered shape of pieces or damaged accessories.

  • The size of the item does not match the one you selected when placing the order. For instance, you picked a 26 but ended up with a size of 27.

  • The color of the item does not match the one you selected when placing the order. For example, you ordered a pair of black CORE jeans but were shipped a pair of red jeans instead.

  • You are also at liberty to return a product that does not suit you in terms of the color, size or style. In this case, however, we will not cover the shipping costs.
    Goods of proper quality are returned at your expense within 14 days from receiving the parcel.

    The product will be accepted provided it bears no traces of having been in use. That means that it has to be in marketable condition with intact consumer properties, labels and tags. Inscriptions, symbols, address marks and other things shall not be allowed on products, their package, labels or tags.

10. What is the procedure for returning goods?

  1. Go the “Return” section on the website and, once there, fill in all fields in the application form. Type in your personal data and information about the purchased product.

  2. Click on the “Send” button.

  3. Print and sign the completed form.

  4. Place the completed return form in the box containing the product to be returned along with a copy of the receipt and your passport or another identification document. The product must be neatly packaged.

  5. Pick a convenient return method and ship the package back to us. Return address: zip-code: 420061, the Republic of Tatarstan, city of Kazan, ul. Nikolaya Ershova, buidling 76/1, room 308.

  6. Once we have received the goods, we will refund your money within one week. That does not take into account the time required for the bank to process the transaction. The procedure and the time required to process your transaction by the bank depends on its corresponding policies

The procedure and the time required to process your transaction by the bank depends on its corresponding policies