1. What are your guarantees?

The warranty period of 3 months commences once consumers have received their ordered goods. If defects are found in the product that you ordered within this period of time, we will assume responsibility for that.

You will find detailed instructions for use on the Terms of Service page, which will help keep our products pristine for a long time.

Proper use of our products is a vital condition. A product damaged through the fault of its buyer results in a voided warranty.

2. What is the time and cost of delivery?

The delivery time and cost depend on your location and the shipping method that you sel ect.

However, we can tell you the approximate delivery time based on previous orders. You can always obtain more accurate information fr om the shipping company. You can also learn more about the delivery time when placing your order.

ATTENTION! We ship goods out strictly according to the information which you provide. We waive responsibility for incorrect information provided and for costs associated with changes in personal data.

3. How long does it take to prepare my order for shipping?

We will put together your parcel within 1-3 business days of order placement.

We do our best to avoid delays. Still, should unforeseen circumstances arise preventing us from shipping out your order on time, we will contact you to resolve the problem.