Our materials

Here is what we employ in the production of our jeans:

  • The genuine classic denim is a cotton fabric that can be told apart from others by its density, heavy weight and wear resistance. Goods made out of denim products leave room for your skin to breathe along with absorbing moisture well and being tear-proof. The effect of natural wear keeps the material retaining an attractive appearance for years.
  • A little elastane now. A minimum amount of synthetic fibers added helps our jeans improve your figure and keep the jeans elastic.
  • Branded accessories. Buttons, zippers and rivets for our jeans are manufactured in Italy. Each element is firmly fixed, convenient and sophisticated.

We create jeans for ladies with good taste in what they wear.

The comfortable cut and maximum size roll make it possible for you to find your model of jeans with perfect fit. Our models of jeans come in sizes 24-36 in conformity with European standards and 40-52 in conformity with Russian standards.

What speaks to the quality of our product?

  • The machine embroidery on the patch adds elegance to our jeans as well as providing against people confusing a fake item for the genuine product.
  • The bias tape made of pure cotton, in addition to preventing our jeans from stretching, also preserves their perfect fit after washing.
  • The open seam at the junction of the denim and the lining is a sign of denim authenticity. Also, all internal seams are overlock-machined.
  • The EAC certificate proves the conformity of our products to common technical regulations.