Our values


Own style

We keep our finger on the pulse of the trends while also respecting unsurpassed classic approaches. The jeans that we create are different in style and cut so that everyone can find her match and bring out her own unique style.

Comfort and perfect fit

We believe that practicality and ease in every movement are really important when it comes to keeping pace with the rhythm of the present-day world. The models that we create represent ease and comfortable fit: we have added a “sbiego” bias tape in the waist area which ensures a perfect fit in the process of wearing. Also, all models are made of dense right-hand twisted denim which produces a tightening effect while ensuring comfort and elasticity.

The underlying idea behind the inception of the brand was

the desire to manufacture a traditional product of quality which at the same time would meet all the basic requirements of women of today.


Our production, set up in Italy, offers limited batches manufactured from genuine Italian dense denim and high-quality Italian garment accessories. Each product is an exclusive masterpiece as most of the manufacturing work is done manually! All products undergo strict quality control and are EAC-marked.

Conscious consumption

We advocate conciousness in all its forms and manifestations. Our company is committed to the principles of conscious consumption and social responsibility therefore instead of overproducing we focus our efforts on ensuring quality for each and every article which is produced by our Italian factories. It is of great importance to us that we respect the principles of sustainability and green operation at all stages of production.

Customer care

We love and care about our customers and want them to enjoy every instant of their lives while sporting Gender Denim jeans!

Gender Denim. Come as you are