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Welcome to Gender Denim!

Our company is unique. We are engaged in production and sales of premium jeans. Only genuine and dense denim with a minimum of elastane added is used in our jeans.

Here is our business concept:

  • Our company puts customers at the heart of its existence and is willing to adapt continuously to their needs as they keep on changing and evolving.
  • We seek those people who have a love for jeans, those who stand ready to work for a dynamic business at an international company, those who are willing to share and subscribe to our vision on customer service.
  • It is important for us that every employee feel comfortable and confident on our team, have a chance to realize professional and creative potential and have an opportunity to hone their skills and further their career.
  • It is through this concerted effort that we are striving towards our common goal. Each and every employee matters as we progress along that path.
Office manager
Experience: no less than 1 year
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